"WTF Moments in Psychotherapy" is Jere's initial book on humor in the psychotherapy profession.

"Many times it crossed my mind to avoid writing this book. Would one or another story offend the reader? Would readers form an opinion of me as callous and uncaring? Would anyone understand my humor?" In the end I forged ahead in the hopes that my humor would be taken and accepted for what it is, humor. Please keep in mind the individuals in this book represent less than 1% of the patients I have seen over the years. Life and truth definitely are stranger, or at least in these stories, more ludicrous, than fiction.

This comic writing will take you on a wild, uncharted voyage through some of the most baffling, befuddling and bewildering psychotherapy encounters of Jere’s 30 year career. You’ll meet an amazing and quirky cast of characters.

“After reading the stories in this book, something’s amiss if you don’t question Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and his thoughts on the survival of the fittest.” ~ William Dunham, BSW, LSW, CADACII, NCAC I-psychotherapist (retired)

The following professionals are currently practicing therapists and are fearful they might be judged unfairly by promoting this book.

“Irreverent? Possibly. Hilarious? Definitely.” ~ Brittany B., PsyD-psychologist

“I was a coworker of Jere’s in the late 1980’s and always admired his compassion for others. I remember laughing with him, on occasion, to relieve stress, but more often to block out some pain we may have acquired from empathetic listening to our clients. I am thrilled he collected these stories and presented them, allowing me to reminisce, laugh out loud and spend just a little more time in the loo.” ~ James G., MS, ICRC-psychotherapist

“Do you remember the book I’m Ok, You’re Ok? Well, this book could be titled I’m Somewhat Fair, You’re Most Likely Not. If you want to believe you’re OK, even if you’re 90 degrees from it, this book will give you the false impression and comfort you’re seeking. Funny. Funny. Funny.” ~ Pamela S., MA, LSW, psychotherapist

One who did not request anonymity. “I hope and pray that whoever reads this book will not judge me or my past parenting skills and assume I was at fault for Jere’s odd view of the world. I had not raised my son to be neither bizarre or unrefined. I’m totally, totally mortified.” ~ Geneieve Parker, Jere’s mother, speaking from the hereafter.