Bizarre, Weird, Quirky Encounters in Psychotherapy
Jere Parker, author "WTF Moments in Psychotherapy"  tells your audience.

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His newest book, a satirical and somewhat controversial work, "WTF MOMENTS IN PSYCHOTHERAPY; CONFRONTING THE GODS OF ABSURDITY, FABLES, FIBS, WHOPPERS and BULLSH-T" is his first endeavor with the comedic side of therapy. As he stated, in order to be effective and have longevity in this field you must, at times, see the humorous side of issues. Perhaps this is best stated by Vaclav Havel when he said, "Perhaps one could never find sense in life without experiencing its absurdity."
What your therapist may really thinking.

Why some encounters would make Darwin re-think his theories about 'The Survival of the Fittest'.

How not to take a urine drug screen at work.

While many substance abuse clients are gifted story-tellers, a few only mouth absurdities.

Your therapist may not be as stable as you are.

Why therapists must have a sense of humor.

Book Reviews

"This was a very funny book. Many laughs." ~ Dina   "This book is hilarious! The author, a psychotherapist, has a delightful command of the English language and he is not afraid to use it! I mean this in a good way! He is one of the funniest authors I have ever read and his stories are priceless! You will love this book!" ~ Kindle Customer   "This book has a lot of interesting and funny characters and is an insightful look into psychotherapy. If you like George Carlin's sarcastic humor you will love this book." ~ K. White,   "Five Stars. Funny funny book" ~ kalamity kalayne   "Very funny and sad. Having been around a while, I have met some of these people. I had a friend whose sister bragged about lying to therapists" ~ Janet Witcher   "Could be required reading for medical workers going into the field. I am a medical worker and have worked psychiatry units. This is a blunt but honest review of a therapist experience. No attempt was made to 'sweeten' the experience or sell it as 'everyone gets cured' experience. It would be required reading if I was in the medical teaching field today. Most honestly real review of life in that field." ~ scottishoo   "This book was hilarious...I would recommend this 'WTF' to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you Mr. Parker, for an awesome journey into a most challenging topic. May you have many more stories to share with your readers." ~ Wayne Erickson   "Hilarious! NSFW. Check it out!" ~ Melissa Hunter-Kilmer   "Hilarious! Loved his very real and candid memoir of his profession. I have recommended it to all!" ~ SBReader   "A refreshing behind the scenes look at addiction therapy. If more we see here...had personal built-in liberal dose of honest humor, perhaps there would be more successful clients, less recidivism. An entertaining, enlightening read." ~ Carol Stiema

The Lady Medusa
The Little Charmer Award.
A lady that reminds you of a refined Southern Belle, if that Southern Belle happened to come from a litter of Tasmanian Devils.

The Whizzanator
A gentleman with an extra appendage containing fake urine in order to beat an employment drug screen.

The Herbal Medicine Man
A "Pinocchio Award Winner"
The most altruistic, adorable dope smoker in the world.

Whiskey Neat Please
How this creative soul can drink alcoholic beverages and still have both hands free to grab all the shrimp, cheese, fruit and Swedish meatballs available at a Palm Beach Soiree.

Sluggo and Sweetums
A couple of lovebirds that would have been served better therapeutically by Vlad the Impaler or Attila the Hun.

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4 minutes with Jere Parker

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WTF in Psychotherapy
Excerpts with Jere Parker

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Jere F. Parker, M.A., L.C.S.W., C.Ht.

Jere F. Parker, M.A., L.C.S.W., L.C.A.C., C.Ht.,

A practicing therapist for thirty years with a counseling psychology masters degree, he is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Addiction Counselor, along with a Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He also holds state, national and international certifications in substance abuse counseling and has done extensive work with relationship therapy, anger control, domestic violence and issues of stress and anxiety.

Mr. Parker has staffed for a mental health agency and various hospital mental health programs. Striking out on his own while embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Parker developed six, state certified offices in Indianapolis.

Mr. Parker has been interviewed several times throughout the years in the Indianapolis morning newspaper, Indianapolis Star, on radio stations including WTLC, WZPL, newscasts for ABC and CBS and on local news channels 6 WTRV and 8 WISH along with a local educational channel.

Mr. Parker has conducted workshops and lectures for business and industry, the legal system and his peers in the health professions.

Mr. Parker has written several self-help books and created several MP3 downloads to guide and encourage people in realizing their goals, all of which can be found on his websites; and