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"It would be required reading if I was in the medical teaching field today." ~ Scottishoo

"If Mr. Parker should decide to retire from his profession as a therapist, he could become wealthy writing sitcoms, short stories, and novels, or a stand -up comic." ~ Susan "Tucson Susan" Kaplan

"This book is hilarious!The author, a psychotherapist,has a delightful command of the English language and he's not afraid to use it! I mean this in a good way! He is one of the funniest authors I've ever read and his stories are priceless! You will love this book!" ~ Kindle Customer

"Hilarious! A really good read." ~ Amazon Customer

"I've worked in the health professions most of my adult life and had to learn how to not take myself and/or situations so seriously at times. This book speaks to that, letting me remember that without humor I would probably take a lot of sadness and pain home. I hope there is a Vol. 2." ~ Amanda Norris

"If you aren't faint-hearted, this is an entertaining and thought-provoking book." ~ Katleen "Whistlers Mom" Hancock

WTF Moments in Psychotherapy by Jere Parker


E-Book Download

My 30 Years of Practice Confronting The Gods of Absurdity, Fables, Fibs, Whoppers & Bullsh-t

"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt."~ Erma Bombeck

Weeks, months, and years of exposure to clients issues could, if left unsettled, tear one's heart out. Comedy from Tragedy, at times, makes heart breaking experiences much more palatable.

"WTF Moments in Psychotherapy" is Jere's initial book on humor in the psychotherapy profession. "Many times it crossed my mind to avoid writing this book. Would one or another story offend the reader? Would readers form an opinion of me as callous and uncaring? Would anyone understand my humor?"

In the end I forged ahead. Please keep in mind the individuals in this book represent less than 1% of the patients I have seen over the years. Life and truth definitely are stranger, or at least in these stories, more ludicrous, than fiction. Enjoy!

In Jere Parker's Own Words:

"I am trusting this adaptation affords you just enough comedy and laughter to make it fun."

"The old saying, 'Be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it,' definitely holds true for the therapists."

"I hope you receive some giggles and enjoyment from the book. It was a total joy writing these memories. It’s nice to know that life can be downright silly, at times, making it that much more pleasurable. ~ Jere Parker


To all healthcare professionals, especially those in behavioral health. These wonderful people have dedicated their lives to help others and rarely receive positive verbal feedback or recognition in their lives and have never received the financial security they’ve deserved in such a much needed and beneficial career.

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